Car Rentals Guide for The first Timers


The most important part of renting a car is the mode of payment the car rental company accepts. Some renter deliberately plans to avoid the credit card while renting a car. You may go through tough process if you paying or renting car with debit card or cash.

While renting car, credit card is the most preferred mode of payment. Firstly, most of the car rental companies offer you to buy rental insurance. And secondly, they can directly charge you if there are any damages while you are dropping off the car. Anyway, not all the customer or people want to make use of their credit card. Let’s have a look how to rent car rentals without using a credit card.

Using Debit Card


Almost the all the banks provide a debit card to their client with savings account. So in general if have a savings bank account then you probably have a debit with you. And fortunately now most of the car rental companies regards debit card as the alternative of credit card to rent out their car.

However, you may have to go through a credit check while using debit card to pay the car rentals. And if the credit score check report does not meet the company’s criteria, they will not possibly allow you to rent car. They will suggest you to deposit caution money for renting their car. Sometimes the deposits might be held for ten or more days even after returning the car. It is clear that you are short of the deposited amount until you return the car to the particular company. If any damage thing happens, the deposited amount will be deduced accordingly.

Car rental companies ask for the rental car insurance to cover the driver and the car on the road. Well, you may not have the car or rental car insurance. Car rental insurance is recommended to buy at the picking up of car.

Cash Car Rentals

Renting car with cash amount is very rare method accepted by any car rental company. Though one allows rent a car with cash only, they must charge some extra amount and ask for security deposit amount. We are lucky to have Car Rental Express allow you rent car with cash only without any deposit and extra fees.

You can use your own car insurance that covers the rental car driving to rent car. In case your own car insurance do not cover rental car, you can buy it from the car rental company at the picking off.

Do not forget to carry the original copy of driving license with you. As long as you are with these valid documents, enjoy your journey or road trip with family or friends.