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Tips on Differentiating between Myth and Facts When Setting up a New Saltwater Aquarium

It is essential to know things to do so that your new saltwater aquarium is safe for the fish. The main problem is usually that some of the available information may be inaccurate. Knowledge of differences between facts and myths will help you set up a proper saltwater aquarium. The following are things that you should know when planning to set up a new saltwater aquarium.

Your aim when developing a new saltwater aquarium should be to replicate the oceans. Given that the fish was created to live in the ocean it only makes sense to make the saltwater aquarium have same conditions. Therefore after cleaning the aquarium you should you heat the water correctly so that the temperature will rise moderately. Therefore it is a fact that rapid temperature changes can be harmful to the fish. Knowing the right way to heat aquarium water is an essential skill to learn.

It is a myth that all fish can survive in both saltwater and freshwater. Meaning that the suitability of the saltwater aquarium will depend on the nature of the fish. Some fish species belong to freshwaters thus putting them in a saltwater aquarium will be harmful to them. Therefore it is essential to ensure that to get the right fish for your new saltwater aquarium.

It is a fact that high levels of nitrates can cause harm to your fish. This because the fish may get ICH due to being exposed to high levels of nitrates. If you see white spots on the fish it may be a symptom of ICH. ICH can be spread through surfaces, nets or toys and not through air. The disease can be very fatal and the good news is that it can be treated.

It is inaccurate to believe that all algae are bad. It is, however, essential to prevent the overgrowing of algae even though it is an indication of a healthy saltwater aquarium.

You should also know that you can keep both hard and soft corals under same lighting situations, therefore, no need to set up different lighting. This means that you should ignore the misconception that you require to have specialized lighting.

Other the thing you need to research on is the ideal temperature for the saltwater aquariums. You should be get the ideal temperature range as it is yet to be established the temperature units that are most ideal. Thus merely you acquire information on the lowest and highest temperatures to maintain thus you stay there in between.