I Just Got Down Here

Jackie and I spent about six hours on the road, although it should have taken about four hours if everything had gone as well as it could have. We got to Charlotte right in the middle of a big traffic jam. Things were not a lot better going through Greenville, but when we got close to Atlanta the situation was just incredible. We finally decided to just get off of the road, get some food and figure a new route. After a bit we have to start to look for Mcdonough GA apartments for rent, but for the moment we are going to stay with Jackie’s Mom, she has a whole lot of room in her house and she would pretty much have a big tantrum if we did not stay with her. Jackie is not going to let it go on too long, because her Mom is going to pester her about grand kids the whole time. She has given up on the other siblings, so the pressure is on us to be fruitful and multiply as the scripture says.

Of course Jackie is moving back home because she got a really big promotion from her employers. As for me it really does not matter too much where I am. I am the company and the company goes where I am. All of the customers are out in cyberspace and they do not really know anything about me, beyond the fact that I produce the code that they pay me to produce. So I can wear my bunny slippers to work any place that I want to work. It is a good thing for her and she is not really ready to interrupt it with a big baby bump, but her Mom could hardly care less about her and that bank.