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I Am Still Doing This Weird Job

Of course what is weird to me would not be weird if I called myself something else, but in theory I am a personal assistant. That is not a secretary in this case, because my boss is extremely rich and the people he deals with are often even richer than he is. So I might have to find the local escort services in places where you would think that this was a bigger problem than it turns out to be. After going through three divorces that have cost him tens of millions of dollars, the guy has concluded that it is cheaper for him to pay a beautiful young woman hundreds of dollars an hour than it is to get involved with a woman who might think about community property. Apparently he avoids any state where that is a thing. At any rate I have gotten to know him pretty well and he has developed an entire theory about this, or even a philosophy.

Obviously it costs a man to chase women. I think when I was a broke guy in high school and college, it seems like all my money went into either my most basic needs or in chasing girls who would barely give me the time of day. That is the first part of it, which involves the cost of chasing a swimsuit model he used to be familiar with. He would talk about her very expensive tastes and how she loved getting gifts, but rarely reciprocated in the way that he hoped that she would. Of course this girl had been chased by millionaires all her life and she expected them to give her stuff just so she would smile at them. At any rate he pays these girls and they do what he wants, then … Read More ...

Finding a Blonde Escort in Vegas

I work for an escort service in Las Vegas. I’m not an escort myself but I help clients with the booking or hiring our escorts. Most inquiries are pretty straight forward and our clients know exactly what they want. I received an email the other day from a traveling salesman looking for blonde escorts in Las Vegas. He will only be in town for two nights next month and merely wants somebody to accompany him to dinner and a show. He stated that he has always dated brunettes and thought it would be nice to have a date night with a blonde. This was a request that was easy to match up for him as we have numerous blonde escorts available for him to choose from.

Requests come in like this all of the time. Blonde escorts always seem to be a favorite. Sometimes our clients are looking for specific features in an escort. At my company, we have a wide variety of first-class entertainers ready to accommodate what you are looking for. These features can include but are not limited to certain hair colors, a specific ethnicity, and even certain religions. I have never received a request I could not fulfill and I also have never had any complaints from clients. They are always satisfied with what we have to offer.

I really enjoy my job and am always looking for ways to improve the escort experience for our clients. Our website is a perfect example. It is very user-friendly and provides a vast array of information on the escorts we have available. There is a section where you can select only blondes, brunettes or redheads. You can also select a certain type of nationality if that is what you are looking for. I can honestly say that … Read More ...

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Methylone research chemical

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I Just Got Down Here

Jackie and I spent about six hours on the road, although it should have taken about four hours if everything had gone as well as it could have. We got to Charlotte right in the middle of a big traffic jam. Things were not a lot better going through Greenville, but when we got close to Atlanta the situation was just incredible. We finally decided to just get off of the road, get some food and figure a new route. After a bit we have to start to look for Mcdonough GA apartments for rent, but for the moment we are going to stay with Jackie’s Mom, she has a whole lot of room in her house and she would pretty much have a big tantrum if we did not stay with her.… Read More ...

What Do You Know About Billing

Learn More on Medical Claims Clearinghouses

Procedures of contacting varied insurance companies and delivering medical claims physically can not only be tedious but also costly due to the extensive procedures that one may be required to comply with which may also lead to late payment and denial of medical claims. Perfect solutions have been achieved following the introduction of improved medical claims clearing house that is often linked with quality features to control and simplify the tedious process of submitting medical claims so as to assure patients with quick payment of their pending medical bills by relevant insurance companies. It is thus important for medical experts with an urge of billing their patients’ medical claims to make to it that they carry out an in-depth research about the best medical claims clearing house with proven records in provision of quality and satisfactory services.

The best idea behind the reliable medical claims clearinghouses is the reality that they usually handle a wide range of electronic transactions within a certain period of time for the clients to be satisfied with exclusive services including; identifying whether a patient is eligible for an insurance claim, running an error scrutiny and transmission of quality claims to an insurance company. It is unbelievably true that the assuring medical billing clearinghouses are comprised of a twenty-four hour service system where clients are at ease to submit their claims making it easier for emergency medical claims to be cleared faster while they give prompt feedbacks to medical billers. Highly concerned medical billing clearinghouse comes along with improved software that is linked with quality features that will definitely assist in prevention of submission errors Making it possible to maintain a smooth procedure of making claims that will assure good results.

It is undoubtedly true that highly encouraging medical billing … Read More ...