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What Log Splitter is Applicable to You

Log splitters are classified into three major types and these are the electric, manual and gas-powered log splitters. These log splitters actually offer different positive features. To explain further the role of these log splitters, this article will give you the information you need.

There is a hydraulic jack placed on the side of a manual log splitter. In order to use the manual log splitter, the jack needs to be hand pump so that it will cause the rod to ram the log because of the splitting wedge. This might be a slow process but the effectivity is guaranteed. In fact, using this type of log splitter is safe, easy to use and also quiet. This wood splitter doesn’t even use any electricity or gasoline to function. In fact, this is considered to be environmental friendly. There is no difficulty using this log splitter anywhere since it is easy to store and is compact, too.

For those homeowners that annually consumes two to 10 cords of wood, the best type of log splitter for you to use id definitely the electric-powered one. This machine is actually light to carry and you don’t have to worry on using it because it is easy to maneuver. As for the current, it is the same use with the standard household consumption. If you are planning to bring this machine to a remote area without electricity, it is not advisable at all and if you insist, you need to have a power generator. Just like the manual splitter, this type of splitter is also easy to use and quiet, too. You can also consider this electric splitter as environmental friendly and can be used indoor since there is no toxic fume produced and there is no use of gasoline, too.

But if your purpose is to use a log splitter for remote or commercial use, the best type is the gas-powered splitter. This type of machine is actually the heaviest and largest that is why you need to allot a bigger storage for it. For logs that have large diameter size, a gasoline-powered splitter is the best type of splitter to use. Gasoline engine is actually noisy as compared to using an electric or manual splitter. If the other types of splitters are good for indoors and don’t produce toxic fume, the gasoline-powered splitter actually has these two qualities.

One of the considerations of a wood splitter manufacturer is the splitting force in tons of their products. If you are planning to buy your own wood splitter, do not forget to consider this factor. The machine’s cycle should also be considered when buying a log splitter.
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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Resources